Deck Scholarships

What's this?

As a non-profit tarot deck, it's been a goal of ours to make Fat Folks Tarot as accessible to people as possible. To that end, we've developed the Fat Folks Tarot scholarship! PLEASE NOTE THAT DECK SCHOLARSHIPS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED SINCE PRE-ORDERS HAVE ENDED.

How does it work?

Anyone can purchase a donation copy of the deck on our website. Donation copies will then be given to those who apply for a deck scholarship.

Scholarships are given on a first come first serve basis. If you're interested in a deck scholarship, please fill out an application. Though we hope everyone who applies for a scholarship is able to receive a deck, this is dependent on how many donation copies are purchased, so we can make no guarantees.

Who can apply for a deck scholarship?

Anyone is welcome to apply. For the sake of equity and privacy, we are not asking for justification as to why you are applying for a deck scholarship. We do, however, ask that you keep in mind that this program is meant for those who otherwise would not be able to get a deck.

Please feel free to email us with any questions or concerns at